Liturgical Art & Environment

Many of us are familiar with the term “lectio divina” which is a Latin phrase meaning “holy reading”.  Lectio divina is a meditative way of reading Scripture that leads to contemplation.  Another rather new term, visio divina, is rooted in the ancient tradition of lectio divina.  It is Latin for “holy seeing”.  Today we call a wide array of praying with art - from creating art in God’s presence to sitting with art and allowing it to lead you to contemplation on His mysteries by the title visio divina.

How many of you have prayed while looking at the cross?  Did the cross guide you along your prayer path?  Those of you who have prayed while focusing your sight on a cross, have prayed with art!  There are many ways to open our hearts to God.  Some meditate with Scripture or music, while others with visual art  and nature.  The spiritual practice of praying with art has opened the hearts of people throughout the ages to God’s grace.

The Liturgical Art and Environment Committee’s mission is to create a prayerful atmosphere for “holy seeing” in our worship space as we celebrate the liturgy throughout the year.  We take great pride in preparing the way of the Lord  by using our various God-given talents and imagination, whether it be through painting, drawing, or enhancing our church with God’s creation - plants and flowers. 

Interested?  Please contact our Worship Coordinator, Ann Rogers: