Rehearsal & Wedding Day Details

Rehearsal & Wedding Day Details


The wedding rehearsal will be conducted by your sponsor couple or another designated person and, therefore, will not be an opportunity to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation at that time.  If you wish an opportunity to celebrate Reconciliation, please consult the parish bulletin for parish schedule or make private arrangements by calling a priest.


1.  Bring two copies of your readings

2.  Completed liturgy planning sheets

3.  Evaluation of the Rehearsal

Please make sure all members of the wedding party arrive PROMPTLY!

This practice is a serious preparation for your forthcoming ceremony.  Make sure the members of your wedding party refrain from alcoholic beverages until after rehearsal.


Wedding Day Details:


Please confirm flower arrangements with the Worship Coordinator (you may want to check with parish and see if the altar is decorated, depending on the time of year)

If you are obtaining an aisle runner, the aisle is 100 ft.

Confirm delivery day and time with the parish. 

No flower petals may be dropped on the floor or runner.


If you are including a wedding candle ceremony in your liturgy, it will be necessary for you to provide the candles.  The church has a special holder for the candles that holds 2 tapers and one 3" candle.  If you are having your unity candle put in an arrangement by a florist, be sure that 2 tapers are included in the arrangement along with the unity candle.  

Be sure someone is responsible for bringing the wedding candle to the church and removing it after the ceremony.

ALTAR SERVERS: The Worship Coordinator will arrange for altar servers for all wedding with a Mass.