Rosary Altar Society


Our regular Rosary Altar Society meeting is held the third Wednesday of each month at noon in the St. Patrick Meeting Room.

The Rosary Altar Society is one of the oldest organizations in the began in 1948, the year the parish began.  Many members have moved or died, and some are still working outside the home, so there are only a dozen or so who are able to attend our monthly meeting.  But most members are able to help with one or more of our various projects such as the Dinner Basket raffle at Thanksgiving and Easter.

The Society pays for and/or launders the church linens, as well as buys candles and vestments.  In the past, we have purchased the green “Gather” hymnals, the figures for the Christmas crèche located in the vestibule, the statue of Mary in the courtyard, the gold pall used at funerals, and the lighted hymn announcement board.  We also contribute to CSA and the Debt Retirement programs.

The Blessed Virgin is our patroness so we pray the Rosary at each meeting as well as at the Marian devotions on Tuesday evenings before the 7:00 p.m. Mass.  We also pray the rosary for members who die as well as for close relatives.  Candlelight honor guards are formed for their funeral Mass.

We receive Holy Communion as a body on the first Sunday of each month at the 8 a.m. Mass.  The Rosary Cenacle (rosary and Divine Mercy devotions) meets the second Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. in the St. Patrick Meeting Room.  Our regular Rosary Altar Society meeting is held the third Wednesday of each month at noon, also in the St. Patrick Meeting Room.  We begin with a potluck lunch, then pray the rosary and hold a short business meeting.

All women of the parish are invited to join us!  Dues are $5 a year.  For more information, please contact the Worship Department at 248-698-3100 ext. 222.