2018-2019 Confirmation Process


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Please contact the Faith Formation office for registration information and pick up your registration packet TODAY!

Welcome to GPS Confirmation, an opportunity to entrust yourself into God’s miraculous process.  We are Guided by the Holy Spirit, Powered by His breath, and Sealed with His gifts. This model has produced God-focused connections, life-long learning, peer to peer ministries, continuity, creativity, and the incredible ability to capture the vision and energies of youth. 


This is a time when the hopes and fears of a new High School experience immerged.  So much is unknown and yet, the foundations of family and friendship help us to have courage and success. Belief in yourself, in others and in the goodness of life, (God), is a critical gift and skill.

Because of the challenges of this coming school year, we specifically designed the Confirmation program to support and deepen the new 9th grade teen’s life skills, faith skills and character. Every year, parents and teens are so grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow in love, service and life through this process.

Important information discussed at that orientation includes:

  • Sessions are mandatory and will meet on Sunday afternoons or evenings. (see schedule)  They are for the candidates unless otherwise noted. Saying “Yes” to confirmation will mean saying “No” sometimes to something else. (This means your child WILL miss a practice/game for their sport or another activity that pops up.)  Life is choices and preparing for confirmation helps us set priorities – God first!  Model this TRUST and help your child make FAITH a priority.
  • The email address on the registration form needs to be that of the parent.  (both parent’s emails are recommended) This is how we communicate with you.  We will email you the celebration date as soon as we receive it.
  • Parent participation is needed and encouraged. Consider journeying with us as an adult facilitator.  While it is not required for parents or sponsors to attend the sessions, we welcome them to join the process.  It’s an amazing journey for people of all ages.

These sheets in the packet are for the Candidate to complete (not parent homework)

  • The sponsor needs to be chosen before the process begins (before session #2 and should be someone your child is comfortable talking with and able to further develop the relationship.
  • Confirmation name – your child needs to be thinking about and researching this now.  The name form, completed by your child, is due before the retreat.
  • “Works of Mercy” hours can begin on the day of registration and need to be completed by session #9.  We are all called to a life of service.  At least 10 hours should be completed at St. Patrick Church.  We are building a community with our new disciples.
  • Watch this video: DUST (or search YouTube: “Nooma Dust”) titled “Dust” with your new candidate.  We closed our orientation session by viewing this.


Please complete the packet of forms and bring them to the Faith Formation Office at your earliest convenience.  A copy of your child’s baptismal certificate as well a fee of $100.00 will be due upon registration for the Confirmation process. 


If you have any questions about the pages in the packet or about the process, please contact Julie at 




We're here to help! Please contact:

Julie Cavanaugh
Confirmation Coordinator
248 - 698 - 4388


Track 1 Schedule August-Nov/Dec 2018

Track 2 Schedule January-May 2019