Worship Ministries

“Come, Lord Jesus, do not delay; give new courage to your people who trust in your love.
By your coming, raise us to the joy of your Kingdom, where you live and reign with the Father and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever.  Amen.”


Boys and girls who are at least 10 by December 1st are trained to assist the priests at Sunday Mass, funerals and weddings.  There will be training in the spring for new servers.


People who set up before Mass, help at communion time and clean up after Mass.  The sacristans are trained for Sunday Mass and for weddings and funerals.


High school age and adult men and women who are trained to assist in the distribution of the Body and Blood of Jesus.


People who are trained to help parishioners find seats in church, facilitate collection, direct the congregation to communion, pass out the bulletins, and handle emergencies.


Men and women who are trained to proclaim the First and Second Readings from Scripture, the Universal Prayer and the announcements.


There is a book marked “Gift Bearers” which is kept on a stand in the vestibule.  Families or individuals may sign up in the book to bring up the offertory gifts at any of the Sunday Masses.



Representatives from the Music Ministry, Environment Committee, Ushers, Lectors, Servers, Eucharistic Ministers, Rosary Altar Society,  Third Order of St. Francis, the Worship Coordinator, and some members-at-large from the parish, meet once a month to promote and strengthen the process of continuing liturgical renewal.  It also provides for programs, education, planning and evaluation.


The function of this committee is to be in contact with other congregations to celebrate our common beliefs and explore our differences.  There is a bulletin board in the hallway that leads to the parish hall where current ecumenical information is posted. 


People who are available at the doors of the church to welcome people to the Sunday celebrations.


What happens if no priest shows up to celebrate a Sunday or weekday liturgy?  What happens if no priest is available to do a wake service or rosary at the funeral home?  A group of people in the parish who are specially trained take on the responsibility of leading prayer.







Altar Servers with Deacon Ken‚Äč

If you are interested in sharing your time and talent in any of these areas, please call the Worship Office at 248-698-3100 ext. 222