2021 Confirmation Program

Currently in 9th grade or in high school and you would like to be confirmed?

Welcome to Guided, Powered, Sealed (GPS) Confirmation Program, this is an opportunity to entrust yourself into God’s miraculous process.  We are Guided by the Holy Spirit, Powered by His breath, and Sealed with His gifts. This model has produced God-focused connections, life-long learning, peer to peer ministries, continuity, creativity, and the incredible ability to capture the vision and energies of youth. 

This is a time when the hopes and fears of a new High School experience emerged.  So much is unknown and yet, the foundations of family and friendship help us to have courage and success. Belief in yourself, in others and in the goodness of life, (God), is a critical gift and skill. Because of the challenges of this coming school year, we specifically designed the Confirmation program to support and deepen the new 9th grade teen’s life skills, faith skills and character. Every year, parents and teens are so grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow in love, service and life through this process.

READY TO REGISTER? Please watch the session #1 video first.  Parent and teen should watch this session together and have a piece of paper and pen ready for an activity during the session.

Session #1 for the 2021 Winter Season is available via this video link: Confirmation Session #1

The video will refer to ALL the paperwork needed to be completed throughout the process. Do not worry about turning in the paperwork until we meet for session #2.  At that time we will also need a copy of your teen's baptismal certificate. 8th grade students enrolled in Genesis and Logos and St. Patrick School received registration packets in February 2020. If you still need the paperwork, please email [email protected]




We are currently only registering for the Winter/Spring preparation sessions.  Current 8th graders should check back in March for updates to register for the Fall of 2021

Please contact the Faith Formation office for any questions you may have about the registration information.


Important information discussed at session # 1 

  • Sessions are mandatory and will meet on Sunday afternoons or evenings. (see schedules) Saying “Yes” to confirmation will mean saying “No” sometimes to something else.
  • The sponsor needs to be chosen before the process begins and should be someone your child is comfortable talking with and able to further develop the relationship.
  • The email address on the registration form needs to be that of the parent.  This is how we communicate with you.  We will email you the celebration date as soon as we receive it. Give us 2 emails if both parents wish the communications.
  • Confirmation name – your child needs to be thinking about and researching this now.  The name form, completed by your child, is due before the retreat.
  • Works of mercy service hours can begin today and need to be completed by session #9 for in person and the Zoom session on May 2nd for the online group.  We are all called to a life of service.  3 different Works of Mercy must be completed and one must be at the parish. We are building a community with our new disciples.  Please watch session #1 video for the details.
Please complete the registration forms and bring them to the Faith Formation Office or use our online registration process.  A copy of your child’s baptismal certificate as well a fee of $50.00 will be due upon registration for the Confirmation process. 

Confirmation preparation starts Sunday, January 10th 1:00-5:00PM OR 7:00-8:00pm depending on your choice of In-person or Online sessions - THERE ARE 2 DIFFERENT OPTIONS FOR THE Winter/Spring PREPARATION  

Confirmation is the sacrament that celebrates what God does—how the Holy Spirit works in us and through us.  While being with the community of believers helping each other grow in holiness is the preferred method of preparation, we know not all families are comfortable gathering in person at this time.  As iron sharpens iron, so does one person sharpen another. You cannot become holy by yourself.  Catholic Christians mentors make other Catholic Christians Holy.  We are hoping the majority of our new candidates choose the in-person option as we have developed a plan to keep small groups small with safe practices in place for our gatherings.

The online option will involve 12 weeks consisting of 72 short video segments along with a workbook and 4 check-in discussion Zoom sessions.  We will be utilizing Matthew Kelly/Dynamic Catholic’s Decision Point series.  While it offers a very comprehensive preparation journey, it will be a lot of extra screen time for those students already having to use the virtual world for the

Please be patient and understanding as we are all navigating unchartered territory - THE FUTURE!  Schedules are subject to change as everything else in life these days.  We are praying for a best case scenario and to be able to proceed with the preparation process as planned.

Here are the proposed plans for the 2021 January - May preparation journey!




Looking for Teen and Adult Facilitators to assist with preparing those seeking confirmation this Winter…


Facilitator Training will be Saturday, January 9th 10:00am-1:00pm for both teens and adults, returning or new to the process.  Become equipped to serve as a facilitator for the Winter of 2021 while enjoying some friends and fun!


Works of Mercy Opportunities -
For all confirmation candidates, teens of the parish and anyone seeking ways to be a "Joyful Missionary Disciple!"

Live Stream Team

With our 10:00am Sunday Mass online, we are looking for teens who would like to learn the technology to run the controls from the video room while Mass is being celebrated.  Please contact Mike Christiansen in the video room before or after the 10:00 Mass for all the details.  It is a great way to serve a need for our parish while learning a valuable and transferable skill!

Discussion Leaders needed for Genesis and Logos

The Catechesis for both the in-person and online Genesis and Logos options involves a pause for 3 discussion.  The questions are posed by the presenters, but teens or adults will need to be present in the small groups to help keep the conversation flowing.  Contact [email protected] for the schedule and details for this role.

Martin Luther King Service Day - Save the Date - Saturday, January 16th  11:00am-5:00pm and then stay for Mass!

There will be opportunities this day for both in-person and remote Works of Mercy hours.  Parishes from across the Archdiocese of Detroit will be witnessing to the power of God's Mercy during this Annual Martin Luther King Service Day.  Watch for more information soon about how you can courageously engage in the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy!