Pastoral Council


Nine men and women and one at-large parish teenager volunteer their service to St. Patrick as the Pastoral Council. The purpose is to assist our pastor and pastoral team in shaping and achieving the mission and vision of our Parish. 

Three of our nine council adult members are selected annually, each serving a three-year term. Our teenage representitive serves one year. 

Mission Statement

To praise and to worship God in Word and Sacrament; and to live His Word through loving service to ALL people. On this active faith journey, we are called to be disciples who affirm, heal, and forgive in the love of Christ.

Parish Goal

To become ONE Parish, providing access to our Faith through buiding personal relationships within our community and enabling everyone to engage in Parish life. 

Pastoral Council

We are a consultative body to our Pastor, whose purpose is to discern and articulate the mission and vision of the Parish. We are the coordingating and unifying body of the Parish, and our concern is for the welfare of the whole Parish.

Maintenance to Mission

As a Church we have relied on the family unit to support and sustain most of our initiatives. The parish in all it's structure existed to support the strong formation that was already taking place at home. Parishes can no longer view themselves as gathering places for the faithful. They must see themselves as missionary outposts, creating disciples.

Evangelization, Catechesis, Discipleship

Evangelization is the Church's deepest identity. Evangelization brings the good news of the Gospel to all who seek the life-giving message of faith in Jesus Christ. To meet the person of Jesus leads to....

Catechesis nourishes, forms and deepens the faith one receives through the ministry of the Church and is considered a life long pursuit. Learn about the master and his family leads to...

Discipleship rooted in a personal relationship with Christ. Good stewards generously share their gifts and blessings with other for the sake of the Kingdom. 

Examples of Evangelization at St. Patrick 

  • Alfa
  • Unbound
  • Called and Gifted
  • Men's Prayer Group
  • Small Groups
  • Worship events with song
  • Adoration

Examples of Catechesis at St. Patrick 

  • Bible studies geared for retired, youth, and working couples
  • Marriage Enrichment
  • Divorce Recovery
  • RCIA
  • Basic apoligetics for learning our Catholic faith

Examples of Discipleship

  • Welcome to the parish committee
  • Fish fry, parish fair
  • Prayer intercessors
  • Opportunities to serve a parish in soup kitchens and food pantries
  • Visiting the homebound
  • Knights of Columbus
  • Community outreach opportunities for families to participate