Reading and Renewing

R&R for Your Soul!

Summer activities may be revving up, but our souls need some R&R- Reading and Renewing

Please join us for a parish-wide read along of the book The Biggest Lie In the History of Christianity by Matthew Kelly. This is a wonderful book, and it presents an opportunity for all who read it to let the words move in your heart.

Here is how to get involved.

  1. Contact me through my parish email ([email protected]) and let me know you are interested. I will order a book for you.
  2. When the books come in, you will be contacted to let you know when you will be able to pick up the book.
  3. Please contact me ASAP. Books have been ordered and I have extra if you have not yet signed up yet.
  4. With the book you will be given a guideline as a suggested time frame for reading the book. You will also be given a date for our one time get together sharing of the content of the book with a light discussion of words that spoke to you. Finally, you will also be given the information on how to enter into a blog discussion available through the Parish website.
  5. IMPORTANT NOTE-This is an open offer to your friends or family members as well as people you may know who are looking for a way to take a small step to learning about our faith.

I currently have a list of about twenty people already interested. This is very exciting for St. Patrick’s community. Once the Holy Spirit moves in you, you cannot stop the joy.

I am eagerly waiting to hear from you.


God’s Blessings upon You!


Lisa Powaser

Adult Formation and Evangelization