Registration & Forms

St. Patrick Athletic Association (SPAA) offers CYO sports for children who go to school at St. Patrick school or are St. Patrick Parishioners, and surrounding parishes who do not offer sports. 

SPAA Handbook & Code of Conduct

Fall Sports (Cross Country, Volleyball, Soccer)

Please contact the SPAA office for more information 248-698-4388

Registration via the website will allow you to immediately begin registration by filling out the registration form online.   * You will have to fill out a form for each child.

WINTER Sports (Basketball, Cheer, Twirl and Pom) REGISTRATION IS IN SEPTEMBER

 Please follow the below registration process:


Registration Fee / Form

$200 Players Fee 

The players fee covers all costs associated with the selected sport, including but not limited to, field rental, referees, equipment, etc.


We request for the the 2019-2020 season all SPAA Registrations to be completed online - Please contact the SPAA office for more information - 248-698-4388


Uniform Deposit

$200 Uniform Deposit 

The uniform deposit must be made via a check made out to St. Patrick, this check will NOT be cashed and will be returned to you in the event that the uniform is turned in at the end of the season.  If the uniform is not turned in, the check will be cashed.

A CHECK must be submitted to St. Patrick Athletic Association prior to the start of the season or at Uniform pick up.

3. Sports Physical Form Sports Physical & Concussion Form

 A Sports physical must be completed and submitted prior to the first practice.  All physicals for the Fall of 2019 must be dated AFTER April 15, 2019.

The concussion form must be on file with the Athletics office prior to the first practice.  

Questions?  Please contact Dan or Kelly McSweeney, Athletic Directors at [email protected], Shawn Peklo, Assistant AD at [email protected] or call the Faith Formation Office at 248.698.4388.