Altar Servers

Boys and girls who are at least 10 by December 1st are trained to assist the priests at Sunday Mass, funerals and weddings. Altar Server training sessions are held year round and are scheduled based on need. If you are interested in your child becoming an Altar Server for St. Patrick Catholic Church, please call 248-698-3100 or email [email protected]

Eucharistic Ministers

Men, women, and teens who are trained to assist in the distribution of the Body and Blood of Jesus. 

Offertory Families

Families or individuals may sign up in the book to bring up the offertory gifts at any of the Sunday Masses.

Are you interested in having your family bring the gifts to the altar during Mass? If so, please sign up at the podium in the vestibule near the ushers room where you will find a book marked "Gift Bearers". 

Liturgy of the Word for Children

St. Patrick offers a wonderful Liturgy of the Word for Children for elementary school aged children during the following Masses; Saturday at 5:00pm, Sunday at 10:00am and 12:00pm. We are always looking for individuals to lead the children's liturgy-if you are interested please email [email protected]

*Please note: due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Liturgy of the Word for Children has been temporarily suspended*

Greeters, Sacristans, Ushers and Lectors

Ushers are those people trained to help parishioners find seats in church, facilitate collection, direct the congregation to communion, pass out the bulletins, and handle emergencies. 

Lectors are men and women who are trained to proclaim the First and Second Readings from Scripture, the Universal Prayer and the announcements. 

Greeters are people who are available at the doors of the church to welcome people to the Mass celebrations. 

Sacristans are people who set up before Mass, help at communion time and clean up after Mass. The sacristans are trained for Masses, weddings and funerals. 

If you are interested in volunteering, please email [email protected]

Prayer Leaders

What happens if no priest shows up to celebrate a Sunday or weekday liturgy? What happens if no priest is available to do a wake service or rosary at the funeral home? A group of people in the parish who are specially trained, take on the responsibility of leading prayer.

Rosary Altar Society

The Rosary Altar Society is one of the oldest organizations in the Parish. The Rosary Altar Society pays for and/or launders the church linens, as well as buys candles and vestments. The Blessed Virgin is our patron essential, so we pray the Rosary at each meeting. Click here for more information. 

Liturgical Art and Environment

Many of us are familiar with the term “lectio divina” which is a Latin phrase meaning “holy reading”. Lectio divina is a meditative way of reading Scripture that leads to contemplation. Another rather new term, visio divina, is rooted in the ancient tradition of lectio divina. It is Latin for “holy seeing”. Today we call a wide array of praying with art-from creating art in God’s presence to sitting with art and allowing it to lead you to contemplation on His mysteries by the title visio divina.

How many of you have prayed while looking at the cross? Did the cross guide you along your prayer path? Those of you who have prayed while focusing your sight on a cross, have prayed with art! There are many ways to open our hearts to God. Some meditate with Scripture or music, while others with visual art and nature. The spiritual practice of praying with art has opened the hearts of people throughout the ages to God’s grace.

The Liturgical Art and Environment Committee’s mission is to create a prayerful atmosphere for “holy seeing” in our worship space as we celebrate the liturgy throughout the year. We take great pride in preparing the way of the Lord by using our various God-given talents and imagination, whether it be through painting, drawing or enhancing our church with God’s creation—plants and flowers.